Sterling Nature Photography celebrates God's beautiful creations. Sterling is a cherished family name shared by my grandfather, father, and daughter. Sterling also represents beauty and strength.

My name is Timothy Heuer, and over more than 30 years of my life photography has grown from an enthusiastic interest, to a dedicated hobby, and now to a central passion. Photography unifies my life's desires: faith in Jesus Christ as our Lord and Savior, exploring God's wondrous creations, and sharing God's gifts.

A fourth-generation Colorado native, my work to date largely celebrates the natural beauty of the Centennial State's Rocky Mountain region. Opportunities to travel and to live for a time in California enables me to capture some of the beauty of these places. A recent transition from a molecular biology scientist dedicated to the discovery and development new therapies for cancer and other diseases, to a photographer and book author, provides thrilling, new opportunities for exploration and photography.

My mission and aspiration is to bring you prints that inspire life and reveal some of God's beautiful and wonderful creations.

I invite you to share your feedback and thoughts.

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Quality Assurance. Sterling photography is dedicated to delivering prints and framed art of the highest quality. Our mission to deliver fine art free of any blemishes or defects, that provides complete satisfaction. If you find a defect, Sterling Photography will work with you to return and replace the defective art.

Delivery Time. Every effort is made to deliver art as quickly as possible. Unframed art will be delivered within 3-4 weeks of order, often within 1-2 weeks. Larger size prints require more time than prints sized 12x18 inches or less. Sterling Photography is committed to delivering large format prints within 4 weeks. Any circumstances that interfere with this time frame will be communicated. Framed art will be delivered within 6-8 weeks. Sterling photography will communicate with customers to provide up to date and clear information on delivery time. Cards will be delivered within 2 weeks of order. Unanticipated circumstances causing a delay will be communicated.

Shipping Rates. A best determination of reasonable and fair shipping costs has been calculated based on published rates.

Privacy. Sterling Photography place the highest value on your personal information and will never share it.